Merchandise Planning and Allocation

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An Unparallelled Merchandise Planning and Allocation Solution

The MID Retail solution is the result of over 25 years of research, development, and proven impact on profitability with more than 100 major retail chains. Every aspect of the technology was built from the ground-up to meet the real-world requirements and enable the best-practices of the most innovative and accomplished retailers.


Fully Integrated Across Every Process

MID Retail offers a chain and store merchandise planning system totally integrated with allocation, assortment planning and fashion replenishment — for completely synchronized top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out planning. Store plans automatically refer to chain plans. Chain plans agree with the sum of store plans. Manage open-to-buy, gross margin, assortment plans, allocations and store-SKU replenishment — all based on automatically trended plans.

Tailored to Your Strategy

Your merchandising strategy is a critical competitive differentiator. The MID Retail solution is designed to easily configure to your unique business processes, systematize them, and put them into practice throughout your retail enterprise. And when you’re ready to innovate with new strategies, the MID Retail software is completely flexible – so you can go from innovation to execution quickly and accurately.

Proven with the Largest and Most Sophisticated Retailers

Management of hundreds of thousands of SKU-stores and the web channel with planning, forecasting, and allocation down to the lowest levels of detail. That’s what leading retailers need to compete and thrive, and that’s what MID Retail delivers.

Rapid Implementation

The MID Retail solution is designed for rapid implementation, built-in best-practice merchandising processes, work flows, and automation, as well as with API’s to source data from your ERP systems.

Intelligent Automation

MID Retail enables you to fully automate and schedule your merchandising processes so you spend less time on busy work and more time focused on high-value decisions.

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